Lisa A. Grim, DVM, Inc.

We have a passion for horses.  It is our reason for excellence in equine veterinary medicine. We appreciate their grace, athleticism and spirit.  It is the unique bond between horse and human that draws us in.  It is the connection and teamwork created between rider and their mount after months of training;  the joy of silently communicating with this majestic animal creating art, sport and shared excitement.  We understand this connection and no matter how you ride or what your purpose is for your horse we know that all horse owners share the satisfaction of connecting with a horse.  We know this because we too have experienced the joy of riding, grooming, competing and loving our horses.

Our mission is to provide the best medical care for your horse with traditional, innovative and cutting edge capabilities and techniques.  Our aim is to keep your horse in optimal health and soundness as long as possible, to increase the health and longevity of your horse and to keep you riding your horse.

Dr. Lisa Grim is the owner of Equitage horsecare and founded her practice in North San Diego county in 1997 and has been an equine veterinarian since 1992.  Lisa spent most of her formative years near Del Mar California, where she rode and showed horses, groomed for a trainer and explored her passion of horses to the fullest.  With her inquisitive mind, strength in problem solving and love of horses it was a natural choice to become an equine veterinarian.

"I know my parents just thought I was a horse-crazy girl, but being around horses really has been a huge part of who I am and being a veterinarian is what I feel I am meant to do"